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Our Service Mantra

  • We will always have your order dispatched within 24 hours.
  • We will always return your phone enquiries same day.
  • We will also give you support with technical advice and problems.
  • We will see your warranty claims are dealt with quickly and efficiently.


    Our Story 32 years of growth in the Solar Industry.

    Back in 1989 at Howard QLD, we began trading in Solar Energy. At that time, Solar Energy was unregulated, we were known as “Home Power from Solar” back then.  It was during this time we installed over 200 solar Off Grid systems for small acreage homeowners in the Wide Bay area. Solar Energy was just a cottage industry back in the 80s, with very few people working in the industry. Others mostly working from home as a home-based business model. In fact, “Home Power from Solar” installed the very first GRID system in the wide bay area and even Ergon Energy had not seen this concept before. 

    During the early years of trading there was only about 8 manufacturers, and their warranties were only 5 - 10 years on the PV panels, now warranties have risen up  to 25 yrs. The size of a Solar panels back in the 80s were in the range from 40 watt to 80 watts. Today the average size of a Solar panel is 450 watts.  During our 32 years in the solar industry, we have seen many changes and many companies come and go. We have grown from a small home-based business and have since re-directed our company to Retail Solar Energy installing Off Grid systems, also installing for offroad RVs and caravans. In 2007 when the Queensland Government introduced rebate grants for homeowners, then we added installation for Solar Energy on homeowners’ roofs. Along with importing containers of solar panels from China plus supplying 12-volt requirements to the RV market where we had the biggest retail showroom and workshop in Queensland based at Caboolture, called Solar Panel Xpress.

    From humble beginnings we moved from Howard to Mooloolah, to Glass House Mountains, from there we opened our large showroom and workshop at Caboolture, then known as Solar Xpress. One more moved back to Glass House Mountains where we are today.  We also moved into “wholesale” serving the Solar qualified Electricians.  Over the many years we have been in business we have dealt with Importing, Retail, Wholesale, and suppling Electricians so we know the value of personalized service. Impact Eco Solutions will always offer you a very personalised and family orientated service. We have visited China and researched the Chinese manufacturers to help us decide which PV panels will stand the test of time, both in respect to the panel’s longevity and to choose a Company which has the expertise and financial back up to be around for many years to come.

    We were CEC (Clean Energy Council) qualified for design in both GRID Installations and STAND-A-LONE systems. Me ( Ian)  being one of the very early qualified persons in this field, back in 2007.  We are a family-owned company of long standing, and we will give you personalised service and back up with our product, followed up with efficient after sales service and warranty.

    We have now moved out of the Solar Energy Industry but still stayed close to our roots by helping develop new features for a D.I.Y. Solar Powered Wireless Wi-Fi Reversing camera system suitable for all types of vehicleswith extra features built in to make your driving safer with the aim of making it accident free with our D.I.Y. Solar powered reversing camera, safer 4 day and night.

    Impact Eco Solutions Pty Ltd   ABN 49 130 415 191   T/A rearview170