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Why Choose rearview170


1. Australian designed

Australian-designed and warranted by Sunshine Coast locals with more than 30 years in the solar industry. You are dealing with locals who will not let you down.

2. Wider field of view

Why wider field of view is so much safer. No driver could bear the thought of harming a child or pet. When looking behind you with the rearview170, you are able to see all that is within the 170-degree radius. Our 170-degree viewing angle is much wider than almost every other camera on the market, and certainly at this price. 170 degrees is almost seeing around corners!

3. No wiring means DIY

Almost all of the other cameras that show you what is behind you need to be installed by an auto electrician because these systems need to be wired from your car’s reversing light to the front of the vehicle via the hood lining or under the floor mats into the Monitor. You’ll need to pay an auto electrician to complete the job, plus you have the hassle of needing to drop off your vehicle and collect it.

4. Installation is quick and easy

We had a unit completely installed by a 76-year-old Great Grandmother on the back of her son's motorhome just to see how easy it was. Apart from us putting the ladder in place and holding it firm, she installed the rearview170 near the top of the back of the motorhome and easily connected up the screen inside the cabin, returned up the ladder to adjust the camera angle to get the rear distance that her son required.

5. Versatile and durable

One camera can be transferred to other vehicles. If you have a boat trailer, there is no need to buy two rearview170 kits. Just take it off your primary vehicle onto your trailer. After use is completed, return it to the primary vehicle. Made from polycarbonate mounting plate, similar to material used in car bumpers.

6. rearview170 can be used anytime

Usually, reversing cameras ONLY engage when the reverse gear lever is engaged. This is a rearview170 camera. Anytime you desire to see what is behind you, whether you are going forward, in park or whenever, just press the monitor button and the 5-inch high-definition screen turns on. This is particularly invaluable to drivers towing caravans. They can see just how many vehicles are behind them or more importantly if they are being overtaken in an unsafe area.

7. Low-cost caravan safety

Obviously if you are fitting a camera to a trailer, that wiring needs to go all the way from the back of the trailer to the monitor. It’s a very costly job and a reason why so many caravan owners have never had a rear view camera.

8. Fully adjustable

Some people may require the camera focused close to the rear of the vehicle, say, on a vehicle that tows a caravan or trailer, so they can see the tow ball. Then others may want to see everything behind them for, say 100 metres. The camera adjustment provides for all of this.


Take the stress out of driving, reversing or just doing your job!

100% DIY Installation in minutes

Safety for day and night

rearview170 wireless camera gives you a clear view when reversing your vehicle or being able to see what traffic is behind you, day and night.

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