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rearview170 Wi-Fi DIY reversing Camera

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rearview170 Wi-Fi DIY reversing Camera rearview170 Wi-Fi DIY reversing Camerarearview170 Wi-Fi DIY reversing Camerarearview170 Wi-Fi DIY reversing Camerarearview170 Wi-Fi DIY reversing Camerarearview170 Wi-Fi DIY reversing Camerarearview170 Wi-Fi DIY reversing Camera

Watch this 2 minute video below to see the

wonders of the rearview170 system

See Behind whilst driving forward.(Timed)

DIY install in 10 Minutes or return it. Absolutely No wiring to do. Transferable from work vehicle to camper. Solar Operated, with 4 Solar Panels, not just one. Large 5200 mAh battery capacity, you will always have power. White battery container not black so charges immediately. Same Price includes...

Installing a unique rearview170 solar powered wireless D.I.Y. back up camera. Transferrable from one vehicle to another. Gives you a clear view when reversing your vehicle as well as being able to see what's behind you even while driving forward. (Timed - 240 second grabs)

rearview170 D.I.Y.  install in 10 minutes     

Absolutely NO wires to run.

So easy to install. Wi-Fi camera to monitor.

Unlike reversing cameras which require you to be in reverse gear to see behind you, the rearview170 even works when driving forward. (Timed @ 240 second grabs) Different from all the rest. Designed in QLD. Don’t get sucked in by similar looking products. Safety by Day and Night. Small cost BIG value


  • 170 degree adjustable wide angle camera 1280x720 pixels
  • 5” HD Colour touch screen monitor
  • 4 Monocrystalline solar panels
  • Large 5200mAh Lithium battery for longer life
  • Adjustable on-screen coloured parking guidelines
  • Digital signal transmission 17m (up to 100m open spaces)
  • 2.4G digital wireless signal, interference free
  • Maximum current 400mA
  • Working voltage 12- 30V
  • Camera Waterproof IP67
  • Camera  has  adjustable angle
  • Suitable for all types of vehicles/trailers
  • Transferable from work vehicle to camper
  • See behind whlst driving forward, solar powered, so on a timer @ 240 seconds. 


  • HD Camera 170-degree vision
  • Monitor 5"
  • Charging port
  • Power cable
  • Mounting Bracket X 2 Suction & Grill
  • SS Gutter Bolts Included
  • Screws
  • Double sided adhesive sticker
  • Ties
  • Manual Book

Purchasers Comments


    Caloundra -  QLD

    Some weeks ago we fitted a Rear View 170 to my car.  This is a device that I have wished my car had to assist me when backing out.  I was amazed how easy the device was to install especially with no wires!  Having the Rear View 170 has given me confidence when backing, as I can see clearly my direction when reversing.  Especially useful when backing in places like car parks at the shopping centre. Thank you for such a great and helpful invention!

  • JOHN


    My driveway was always difficult to reverse out of until I invested in a rear view 170 solar reversing camera. Unbelievable, it only took me 10 minutes to install solving my reversing problems immediately. When I think of the reasonable cost and how simple it was to install I think it is an essential safety feature.

  • Simon

    Little Mountain QLD

    Very happy with the rearview 170 camera,  I have had the chance to take it away for the weekend with our van and love it. I’m also hoping to do a longer term review of the product on my YouTube channel later in the year as we hit the road full time as a family.

  • Steve

    Morgan - QLD

    The rearview170 reversing camera has been a great safety addition to the small truck I drive daily for tyre deliveries. Reversing had been an issue with no way to see directly behind the truck. Now with a simple connection this issue has been resolved cheaply and satisfactorily. The rearview170 reversing camera has solved the problem and eased the uncertainty of not being fully aware of what is behind the truck.  A must for those vehicles without a factory reverse camera.    Steve Morgan - Truck driver Brisbane QLD.