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Wireless and Solar Powered 170 degree really wide rearview camera system

100% DIY installation in minutes, to any vehicle,
absolutely NO wire to install

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See behind - whilst driving forward Absolutely No wiring to do Timed viewing at up to 240sec

Price includes DIY fitting in 10 minutes or return it

No more disputes reversing into caravan parks Transferable from work vehicle to camper in a few minutes

  • Unique reversing camera system
  • DIY installation by you in 10 minutes or return it
  • Absolutely No wiring to do
  • Solar operated, but with 4 solar panels (not just one)
  • Large battery capacity for much longer life
  • White battery container - not black like all others so much cooler
  • Because even warm batteries do not charge
  • Extremely WIDE horizontal rear view170-degrees
  • Transferable from work vehicle to camper
  • Queensland designed & warranted
  • We have 32 years' designing and installing PV in the solar Industry

170 degree wide angle rear view camera with good night vision

Safety for day and night

rearview170 wireless camera gives you a clear view when reversing your vehicle as well as being able to see what traffic is behind you, day and night. Usually, reversing cameras ONLY engage when reverse gear is engaged, however, this is a rearview170 camera. Anytime you want to see what is behind you, whether you are going forward or in park, just press the monitor button and the 5" high-definition screen turns on. Timed 240 sec. grabs

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DIY Installation in minutes

No professional skills required

No professional skills are required to install the rearview170 camera system. This is because other reversing systems are wired to your car’s power system and tail lights. rearview170 is wireless.

Solar powered

The rearview170 camera system obtains
its power from solar which is stored in its own batteries and can
operate for approximately 3 months without any sun.

WiFi and wireless

The system is WiFi and wireless. DIY Installation can be
done in minutes, with no special tools required, no splicing or running
long lengths of cable from the front of the vehicle to the back.

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HD 5" Monitor
5” HD touch screen monitor for superior picture quality. It features on-screen coloured parking lines.

Solar Powered
This state-of-the-art Australian-designed solar powered camera system features 4 Monocrystalline solar panels. The wireless 2.4G digital signal means it’s interference-free.
It has a 5200mAh battery for longer life. One full charge lasts approximately three months, without needing to be recharged.
Exceptional Value
rearview170 compared with other reversing cameras is outstanding value. With a DIY installation you can have it working within minutes.