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Roger.   Wellington  New Zealand

Just to let you know the unit is installed and working just fine. Great service, great product and an unexpected bonus.  I have a couple of friends interested as well, watch this space.

Mark.  Port Elliot  S.A.

I finally got to install the Rearview170. The service was great, the delivery prompt and the Rearview170 product is easy to install and does its job well. As you can possibly see from the  photos I sent in, I was able to use the Rearview170 display power lead assembly as delivered, and still hide the lead neatly away.

George.  Clarkson W.A.

Hi Ian , thank you so much for your very prompt supply of the missing monitor bracket, it arrived yesterday and is now installed in the car. The camera is working beautifully on the back of my camper and I feel sure some of my friends will want one when they see it working.   Thank you again


Andre.  Carterton. New Zealand

Hi Judy.  Well I can just say dealing with you and Ian was an absolute pleasure and I am sorry the item was not exactly what I wanted. Your service will be long remembered.


 Jack.   ack- Auckland ,NZ (NZMCA member)

 The company is great to deal with, back up and communication is   excellent and you can buy with confidence.


DAVID.     Caloundra -  QLD.

Some weeks ago we fitted a Rear View 170 to my car.  This is a device that I have wished my car had to assist me when backing out.  I was amazed how easy the device was to install especially with no wires!  Having the Rear View 170 has given me confidence when backing, as I can see clearly my direction when reversing.  Especially useful when backing in places like car parks at the shopping centre. Thank you for such a great and helpful invention.


My driveway was always difficult to reverse out of until I invested in a rear view 170 solar reversing camera. Unbelievable, it only took me 10 minutes to install solving my reversing problems immediately. When I think of the reasonable cost and how simple it was to install I think it is an essential safety feature.


David Bundaberg - QLD.

 I recently installed the rearview170 on my rear number plate. While the accompanying manual sometimes needs reading more than once to understand the instructions, the actual installation process was very simple and easy to undertake. I especially appreciated the very helpful phone conversation with the company owner/distributor who gave me some additional tips. After charging the camera, the equipment worked first time out of the box, including the Wi-Fi. The monitor gives a clear, wide view that is easy to see from the driver's seat. The green, yellow and red guidelines on the display are very helpful in determining the vehicle position, especially after I adjusted the camera lens slightly lower. After several tries, I mastered the technique for entering the menu and altered the default display time from 60 to 90 seconds. I recommend this product to anyone who needs to reverse a vehicle.


Minimal Impact – Kawana Waters  -  QLD

I recently purchased one of the new cameras for my motorhome. The first thing I noticed was how much wider the viewing angle was as well as vertically. It also gives you are much longer field of view . And I’m not joking when I say you can almost see you around corners compared to the recently replaced camera that I had.


Ross   Megapluse Australia QLD.

I installed the Back-Up camera on the weekend and gave it a test run. Overall, I am impressed with what I see, I would certainly buy and recommend the product. In fact, I would consider adding it to my own web shop,  and sell it along with my other products. 

Here is the review, I will start with all the good points.

  1. Packing is good

  2. Included with the product is all the necessary hardware for installation

  3. Build quality is good

  4. Super-fast and easy set up

  5. Good capacity battery to keep camera operating for a couple of days 

without solar input

  1. Good capacity Solar panels to keep battery charged

  2. Battery compartment access for battery replacement

  3. Good Signal, no dropouts

  4. Fast boot up

  5. Good LCD Screen mount

  • Now for the Points to improve on

  1. The supplied adhesive mounting sticker is very low tack and hence unusable as an alternate mounting method for people who do not want to or cannot drill holes to mount the unit with screws. Or install the camera on the number plate.

  2. 5-inch screen is OK, but a 7-inch screen would be much better as the camera is great to use as rearview mirror as well as Reversing camera

  3. The camera needs the plastic cover over the top to extend at least 20mm past the camera to shield the lens from lens flare and rain.

  4. The 720P resolution is good but 1080P resolution would be better, especially with a 7-inch screen (maybe this could be a second option for a second model)

Ross from   QLD.


Steve Morgan - QLD.

The rearview170 reversing camera has been a great safety addition to the small truck I drive daily for tyre deliveries. Reversing had been an issue with no way to see directly behind the truck. Now with a simple connection this issue has been resolved cheaply and satisfactorily. The rearview170 reversing camera has solved the problem and eased the uncertainty of not being fully aware of what is behind the truck.  A must for those vehicles without a factory reverse camera.    Steve Morgan - Truck driver Brisbane QLD.


 Simon   -  Little Mountain QLD

Very happy with the rearview 170 camera,  I have had the chance to take it away for the weekend with our van and love it. I’m also hoping to do a longer term review of the product on my YouTube channel later in the year as we hit the road full time as a family.